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The NameReader's First Podcast!

Super Familiar with The Wilsons.

Amanda and Josh meet The NameReader and are totally floored by the accuracy of his reading!

Can The NameReader really help me understand people better?

Absolutely! The NameReader has over 30 years of experience in helping people understand the motivations of those around them. Whether you're meeting someone new or trying to navigate the complexities of a current relationship, The NameReader will give you the edge you need to make informed decisions and foster meaningful connections.

Armed with 5 years of training alongside the illustrious EMIN Canada and fortified with 4 years of relentless pursuit of knowledge in engineering chemistry at Queen's University, The NameReader proudly presents a

groundbreaking concept called NameReading.

Steeped in the depths of almost three decades of unwavering research, NameReading challenges the very fabric of our understanding of human nature. The NameReader postulates that the mere combination of letters within our names intricately molds our identities, shaping us into who we ultimately become. Prepare to embark on a remarkable journey that transcends the ordinary, as you uncover the hidden influence of your own name.

Embrace this audacious endeavor into the untapped realms of NameReading and experience a revelation that will transform your perception of self. Trust the unparalleled expertise of The NameReader and unveil the mystical realm of your name, a world you never knew existed. Dare to challenge convention, and embark on a life-altering session with

The NameReader.

Which door suits your needs?

Private Party/Event or One-on-One

I want to make friends and family feel great and create a memorable occasion.

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I want to reinforce my brand and look great to my customers.

What People Are Saying

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I thought for sure someone gave him my info ahead of time. Totally unbelievable what dude could figure out from my name.

— Frank from Toronto, ON

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He knew I loved Ancient Egypt. I don't tell people that. How could he know that?

— Dan from Waterloo, ON

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I started crying right away when he somehow knew I had an affinity to the number 11. It was my late father's favourite number for some reason.

— Nadine from Niagara Falls, ON

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I can't believe this works like that. I'm absolutely amazed.

— Greg from Burlington, ON

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Oh my god! That's absolutely me. Amazing.

— Anna from Burlington, ON

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Wow. Bang on. That pretty much sums me up.

— Cole from Burlington, ON

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That was absolutely incredible. I work in sales and I'm driven by quotas, you were absolutely right.

— Drew from Toronto, ON

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 That was cool.

— Janis from Burlington, ON

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I think I will bring people back next Sunday, actually. That was amazing.

— Rachel from Burlington, ON


Just remember, we take absolutely no responsibility for any life-altering or soul-crushing decisions made after a Name Reading. It's all on you, my friend!