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Lisa Nicole - The Ancient Millennial

Here's my story: 

Once upon a time, my husband went to a lot of tradeshows and conferences. (In fact, he still does.) He's alway bringing home mugs, t-shirts, pens, LOTS of pens, usb key hard drives (that rarely last the year), water bottles, keychains... all the typical stuff. It's so rare for him to bring something back that was worth noting. 

I realized my husband was also giving away typical "swag". These poor, tired people wander around a tradeshow or bored at conferences just go home with a small fortune in pens they'll NEVER use. My husband’s potential clients deserved better than that. I decided to create specialized swag for his company, EnviroDiamond. He's an inventor. He invented a nontoxic explosive. (Which is so cool.) Through the testing phase he brought home buckets of metal shrapnel. Little pieces... perfect size for a pendant. I cleaned a bunch up, painted them, wrapped them in wire and voila, Shrapnel Jewellery was born. I became quite adept at making it. I sent him off with 25 pendants the first time. He gave them all away and made fantastic connections. After a few more trade shows, it turned out 50 was the perfect amount of pendants to wander around with. People began to seek him out just to find the pendants and then were pleasantly surprised to learn how he could fit their needs.

Next, I offered a Treasure Hunt I'd created to a real estate agent friend of mine to give away with every house he sold. He LOVED that idea. It was the perfect giveaway. Something that helped families integrate into their new homes. Such an inexpensive gift and one that would be talked about and reused often.

I have a knack for crafting classy, unique swag with a personal touch.

it's a small collection right now. But, it's more than enough to get you started. I'll do my darndest to bring out a new product every 2 weeks. So, you definitely want to click that little follow button so you don't miss out on the giveaway of a lifetime.

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Who is EnviroDiamond?

EnviroDiamond Technologies Inc. is a research and development company that has invented many things including a non-toxic explosive. That explosive is how I get the shrapnel for my Shrapnel Jewellery. EnviroDiamond gives it to me in exchange for Shrapnel Jewellery pendants to be given out at conferences and tradeshows. Each time they do a test that involves a steel pipe, I get the coolest looking pieces of twisted metal. Perfect for jewellery.