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The Ancient Millennial

I've been alive for a long time. In that time I've picked up a few things and discovered a few talents. This is my intro video.

Called to Duty

Kimberly Rei is a wonderful other who has had dozens and dozens of short stories and drabbles publshed. She also recently published a novella called Chrysalis.

I created the video for this little drabble and I think the story is just as sweet as can be.

Story: Kimberly Rei

Music: Daren Swanson

Video: Lisa Nicole (The Ancient Millennial)

EnviroDiamond Walkthrough

A video created for EnviroDiamond Technologies that briefly explains their CDP process.

Inventor Daren Swanson has created a non toxic explosive that has yet to be certified by the Canadian Government. A documentary is in the process of being made regarding how difficult it is to be an inventor in Canada. Stay tuned.

Music: Daren Swanson

Video: Lisa Nicole (The Ancient Millennial)

Hush - Written by Kimberly Rei

My first audio short story. Kimberly Rei is amazing and it was an honour to read her story. A horror that will leave chills down your spine.