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Episode 1 - Laundry

Laundry sucks, but perhaps this video will be the kind of inspiration you need to get it done or to trick someone into doing it for you!

Episode 2 - Social Media

Social Media is a soul draining endeavour and an unfortunately necessary evil nowadays. Hopefully this will inspire you to go out and block some punks!

Episode 3 - Querying

As a writer querying is one of the most difficult things to do. Let's hope this little video will inspire you to keep going!

Episode 4 - Physical Activity

I hate trying to find the motivation to exercise. We should just all be born perfectly fit and stay that way till we die at 100 years old. But, if we have to exercise, this might remind us that it's not as bad as we think.

Episode 5 - Unfinished Business

I have a lot of unfinished stories that should be written. It's difficult to get back into something, once you've accidentally let it go.

Episode 6 - Phone Call

Making calls sucks. There, I said it.

Good luck.

Episode 7 - Apologizing

It's bad enough to be wrong or act like an idiot, to have to apologize for it is a whole nother necessary strength that's hard to gather.

Blooper Reel 1

We all make mistakes and luckily for me all of mine are recorded. Weeeee!