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Step 3 in Creating a FREE Website: Finding a Hosting Service

So you have your list and you've streamlined that list into several categories. Fantastic! Now you're thinking, ok, great, I have this... where do I put it? OK, there are several options. But, we're going to go with the cheapest and easiest:

I am in no way affiliated with Payhip, I just absolutely love the service and I think you will too.

Payhip offers a free website with a kick... it will integrate a domain name you've purchased from another hosting service into the site.

You can have a totally free website with Payhip. You don't have to purchase a domain name. It'll look like this: - which is totally fine! Payhip is a respectable site and free is free.

But, if you want to snazz up your site, you'll need to purchase a domain name.

I use Ionos for my domain names. But there are many Internet Service Providers to choose from. Do a little research and purchase the domain name from your favourite.

Once you've done that, set up an account with Payhip. Take some time to get used to the set up. There's tons of tutorials, so don't be afraid to look for them.

You can start designing your site BEFORE integrating your domain name. So, if you feel a bit nervous to do that, you can start with inputting all of your information into the site first.

When time comes for domain name integration the instructions are well laid out and incredibly clear. You can find them under the "store" tab from your Payhip dashboard.

Payhip takes care of all security, SSL certificates and hosting. For absolutely free.

Have you purchased your domain name or set up a Payhip account? When you have, take a break! You've earned it.

Till next time!