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Step 2 in Creating a Website: Streamlining Concepts

Welcome back! So, presumably, we have a list of all the things we want on our website. What I did next was brainstorm category options. I wanted to get my categories down to 4 and they had to be able to contain the new projects I'll be creating too.

For example, I came up with these 4 categories:

  1. TAM Press & Productions
  2. Music & Entertainment
  3. Personal Development Tools
  4. Gifts & Games

In TAM Press & Productions I'll be fielding potential submissions and promoing upcoming projects both literary and film.

Music & Entertainment is where finished products will end up. Music, movies, books... anything entertainment oriented will end up in here. I wanted to make the category broad enough to accept new projects, but not so broad it became fuzzy and confusing.

Personal Development Tools will harbour all of the items and resources I use to organize myself and keep pushing forward. I figure if they help me, they might help others too.

Finally, Gift & Games is exactly what you'd think it is. I have a knack for personalized gifts.

So, I recommend coming up with 2-4 categories if you're trying to showcase more than one thing on your site. Once you have your categories thought out, start adding items, info and products into those categories. Make a list on paper or your phone or whatever. You can double up items in categories. If you have a book, song, film, item etc.. that would fit into more than one category, then by golly put it into more than one category.

Once you're done that, take a break, you've earned it!