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Welcome to TAM Productions, the embodiment of my dreams and creative vision. Here, my passion for filmmaking and storytelling takes flight, as I bring to life an array of captivating, TV series, mesmerizing short films and audio books.

As an independent producer and filmmaker, I embrace the freedom to explore diverse genres and narratives that stir emotions, provoke thought, and transport viewers into immersive worlds.

I believe independent artists are the future of brand engagement. Where art and your company take center stage and transform the way you connect with your audience. I prioritize supporting and promoting artists by offering valuable sponsorship opportunities to companies and corporations that ensure fair compensation for their

incredible talent and dedication.

Let your brand shine in a positive light and make a lasting impact by partnering with me. Together, we will elevate the power of art and reinvent the way your brand engages with your audience. It's time to embrace a new era where every interaction with your brand is an immersive artistic experience, meticulously crafted to reflect your

company’s values, personality, and aspirations.


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Tiny Future Person

Ethan, a bright college student, finds himself at the crossroads of his life, consumed by an overwhelming feeling of despair. As he contemplates his future, a twist of fate propels him into a universe where dreams and reality collide in the most unexpected ways.

Enter Shawn, a brilliant scientist portrayed by the captivating Lisa Nicole. During an experimental mishap involving the groundbreaking "shrinking" technology, Shawn unwittingly propels herself back in time, and to her astonishment, she is now a pint-sized version of her former self. Trapped in this minuscule form, she yearns to return home, but her hopes hinge on one person – Ethan.

With wit and charm, Shawn must devise a plan to convince Ethan that she is, in fact, real and not some figment of his imagination.

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Embark on a wonderful tale of love and adventure!

In the captivating audiobook, 'The Frog Royals’ you'll discover the untold tale that unfolds after the famous story of The Frog Prince.

The charming prince, once transformed from a humble frog, has been wed to his beloved princess for 60 years now and things are getting a little stale.

Through this enchanting audiobook, you'll be swept away by a whirlwind of emotions and beguiling narrations. Lisa Nicole’s vibrant voice brings each character to life, transporting you into a world where fairy tales transcend traditional boundaries.

'The Frog Royals' explores the depths of true love and reveals the magic that lies beyond the ending we thought we knew. So sit back, relax, and allow yourself to be carried away by this spellbinding audiobook.

Written & read by Lisa Nicole (The Ancient Millennial)

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