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TAM Productions

This is my dream right here. Only my stuff is produced through TAM Productions. Movies, TV series, short films, anything I can film on my own will be a TAM Production.

One day, I hope to take on other projects because I'd love to help others achieve their goals a lot more easily than I had to.

Tiny Future Person - COMING SOON!

Sponsor Opportunities Coming Next Week

Sponsor Opportunities Coming Next Week ⋆

TAM Press

I started singing in retirement and long term care homes and I've learned that entertainment, really good entertainment, is essential to their quality of life. Not a lot of companies focus on senior citizens as a market to be entertained. But here, at TAM Press, we aim to offer the finest entertainemt in the form of audio, literature and video for seniors 70+.

Once TAM Press is more established we will be taking short story submissions. We are not taking submissions at this time.

Embark on a wonderful tale of love and adventure!

The Frog Prince tells one story. But what happens after the happily ever after?


Written & read by Lisa Nicole (The Ancient Millennial)

Stay tuned!