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Step 3 in Creating a FREE Website: Finding a Hosting Service
So you have your list and you've streamlined that list into several categories. Fantastic! Now you're thinking, ok, great, I have this... where do I put it? OK, there are several options. But, we're going to go with the cheapest and easiest: Payhip.c...
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Step 2 in Creating a Website: Streamlining Concepts
Welcome back! So, presumably, we have a list of all the things we want on our website. What I did next was brainstorm category options. I wanted to get my categories down to 4 and they had to be able to contain the new projects I'll be creating too. ...
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Step 1 In Creating a Website: Make a List of EVERYTHING
I'm adding a blog to my website and the first thing I'll be discussing is how to build a free website AND shop.So, let's get to it. Make a list of EVERYTHING you might want on this website. Stuff you've done, stuff you're doi...
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