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Get Organized!

The Dream Reacher is a simple four page concept that will help you organize yourself in style! It can be used for personal or business purposes.

Keep track of projects, clients and day to day activities with the simple and streamlined Dream Reacher!

The Dream Reacher is versatile enough to keep you organized through any event. A perfect gift for the organizer in your life or for the person that is looking to get organized.

The Dream Reacher comes with three themes. 
-Plain, for those who just want to keep it strictly business. 
-Holiday, for those planning December
-Alice in Wonderland for the true dreamers

I have also included a pdf of questions that will help you get sorted.

Print on 8.5x11 paper and three-hole punch it. The Dream Reacher fits in any standard binder. Print out sheets as you need them, or fill the binder in anticipation of all of your plans. 

Copyright Lisa Farmer All Rights Reserved 2021
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