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Colour Personal Cheerleader Pocket - COLOUR LOGO ON PACKAGE & PRODUCT

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The Personal Cheerleader Pocket was Created by The Ancient Millennial

Inside this enchanting pocket-companion, you will find 24 delightful notes, carefully crafted to uplift and inspire. Each time your customers reach in and pull out a note, they will be met with a burst of encouragement that will leave them smiling from ear to ear.

With its eye-catching design and beautifully illustrated notes, the Personal Cheerleader Pocket will capture the hearts of all who receive it. The charming colours and playful illustrations will add a touch of joy to any environment, spreading positivity wherever it goes.

The Personal Cheerleader Pocket is a unique and thoughtful giveaway that will not only make your customers smile, but also remind them that they have a cheerleader by their side, supporting them through every step of their journey.

Your logo is featured prominently on the packaging label, ensuring you get the recognition you deserve for such a fun gift! Then again on the notes themselves reinforcing your brand with every word of good cheer.

Personal Cheerleader Pocket size size: 6.5" x 4.25"

Note size: 2" x 4"

Label size: 4" x 3.25"

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Price Per Pocket

10/pocket = $5.00 + $200 product set-up fee

25/pocket = $5,00 + $200 product set-up fee

50/pocket =$5.00 + $200 product set-up fee

100/pocket = $4.80+ $200 product set-up fee

500/pocket = $3.75+ $200 product set-up fee

1000/pocket = $3.20+ $200 product set-up fee

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There is a one time per product $200 set up fee to have your logo on the product. & package. We will keep your logo on file for any other LOGOED purchases in the future. You will be given a purchase number which you will be asked to submit during checkout when applicable.

**NOTE: If you have already submitted a logo for this product, please purchase from here: and answer yes to the yes or no question at the check out and give the number you were given by our representitive. That number will ensure your logo is on both product and package.

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